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Prices of travel vaccine, yellow fever vaccination center, direct billing with your insurance

Why choose us?

  • We do DIRECT BILLING with your insurance that pays for your medication.

  • We offer competitive pricing

  • NO consultation fee

  • NO injection fee

  • We are a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Center

What happens in a pre-travel consultation?

  • We perform an individual risk assessment by reviewing your medical and immunization history, prior travel experience, trip itinerary, and travel style.

  • We educate you on anticipated risks and methods of prevention.

  • We prescribe and provide immunization for vaccine-preventable diseases.

  • We also prescribe malaria prophylaxis and other medications as indicated.

  • For the Yellow Fever Vaccine, we provide the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis or the Certificate of Medical Contraindication to Vaccination if appropriate.

There is a pre-travel assessment form that you need to complete before the appointment.

We can email it to you or you can download it from our website or pick it up from the pharmacy.

Travel Clinic Services

Please provide us with your insurance or drug plan that pays for your medications so we can DIRECT BILL for these costs.

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