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Why choose blister packs?

Have you ever been in a situation where you were in the middle of taking your medications and you were interrupted by something and when you get back to it, you could not remember if you have taken it or not?

Like any other thing in life, there is an easier and more organized way of managing your medications. Whether you are taking medication at different times of the day or if you are taking multiple medications, everyone of all ages can benefit from the peace of mind that medications are taken consistently and appropriately.

It is one of the free services that we provide in our pharmacy. Stop by and ask our pharmacist about blister packs!

Did you know?

  • in a 2015 survey, it showed that 30% of Canadians reported they stopped taking medication on their own, and 1 in 4 did not even fill their prescription or took less than prescribed

  • of those who did not fill their prescriptions, 20% reported that it was due to insufficient drug plan coverage while 12% did not have insurance and could not afford the prescription

  • of those who did not take medications as prescribed or did not finish medication therapy, 45% reported it was because they felt they do not need to take it anymore, 18% said it made them sick or it was not effective for them and 8% they could not afford to finish it

  • medication non-adherence results in repeated hospital admissions and increased physician visits, recurring illnesses, and worsening medical conditions.

What are the benefits of blister packs?

  • it improves compliance and adherence to your therapy

  • it is easy to use and convenient to pack and store

  • it keeps you and your loved ones or caregiver on track of your medications

  • it promotes patient safety and prevents medication error

  • it promotes patient independence

Why get your blister packs from our pharmacy?

  • We provide personalized service and take the time to get to know you, and your health conditions, and work with you and the healthcare team to improve your health

  • We include vitamins, supplements, or OTC medications that you regularly take with your blister packs

  • We can provide free delivery

  • We can provide free home visits where we can:

    • review your medications

    • check your blood pressure and glucose level

    • provide vaccinations such as flu shots, COVID and pneumonia vaccine, etc

  • We coordinate with your healthcare team so you have continuity of care with your prescriptions

  • We have the same dispensing fee as any other big chain or independent pharmacy so it will not be more expensive for you to get it here

How do you transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy?

Transferring is easy. You just provide us with your consent and we will do the rest. Call us at 587-524-9928.

  • We will contact your original pharmacy to arrange the transfer of your remaining refills and obtain your drug plan information

  • If you are going to see your doctor, ask the clinic's staff to fax the prescription to our pharmacy

Take the right medication at the right dose at the right time. By choosing to have your medications in blister packs, you are taking the right step to achieve better health.

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